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  1. Mark_My_Word

    VE Window wiring issue -Advice needed

    Hey guys, picked up a VE fixer upper for cheap. No windows work in it. No power to the two harnesses attaching to the door lock window module either. Right, so the last owner was running a cable from the 12v plug in the centre console through a switch direct to the window motor to put the...
  2. Gw33dz

    VX Commodore Another Power Window Dilemna

    G'day. Bought a second hand VX S Pac. Had a drivers window problem. I bought new window regulator sliders and went to install them. Both of the old sliders were snapped but the drama is this... The window was stuck down but the regulator arms with the ball joints on the end were extended all...
  3. D

    VEII Passenger Front Electric Window Troubleshooting

    Hi, have been having an intermittent issue with this windows, sometimes stuck down and sometime wont go back up. I've found recently that opening and shutting the door (a little slamming involved) has got it working again. I assumed that maybe a plug had come loose. I've just stripped the door...
  4. koankoan

    Wipers suddenly not working?

    Hi there, So I have a 2014 VF Evoke, and my front wipers just stopped working altogether overnight. The first thing I did was replace the 2 relays in the engine fuse box, didn't work. I have a new wiper motor, didn't work. When I hit the wipers on inside, I can hear the click from the...
  5. ebonymarie

    Power window problem

    Okay so I'm having problems with my drivers side power window in my VR Calais. We have recently replaced the whole engine loom. And now the drivers side window doesn't work properly. We have noticed that there is a click under the dash somewhere when the car has been turned completely off. If...
  6. M

    Driver door won't open from inside

    Hi all, Got a VY wagon. I feel like a proper idiot. The wife was complaining how the power window on driver side wouldnt go up. So I just assumed it was the regulator. Bought one, fitted it and still wasn't working. Little did I know, all it was, was a bloody clip on the power window switch...
  7. J

    Rear Left window not working

    The left rear window of our vy acclaim wagon operates normally from the switch on the door however will not operate from the switch on the centre console. I have replaced the centre console switch with a new part but the problem still exists. Can anybody offer a suggestion? Thanks in advance
  8. N

    Installed Power Windows in my VT without BCM - Schematic / Pinout

    Hey, I installed a power window from a VT Berlina in my VT Executive because my manual winder broke. I did search the forum, but did not find the right answer so just putting this here for future reference as it might help someone. I didn't want to swap the entire wiring loom because that...
  9. Z

    Removing and installing exterior window trim (bottom on the glass x2 and big piece)?

    Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out with the process of removing black window trim to replace with chrome? I already have the genuine parts with clips supplied. Is it just a matter of remove 1 x screw near front mirror and unclip then install new one? No adhesive? for top...
  10. 2

    VT sedan squeaky door trims and frames

    Hi guys! For months my 1998 VT sedan's door trims have been squeaking and making a rubbing sound whilst the window is all the way up, and I am getting to the point where I just can't stand it! Done some light research and people say it's the felt around the door frames that make noise. have...
  11. lifel355

    Electric Windows

    Is there a secret trick to getting the ball into the slider? The regulator arm has disconnected itself. The pictures will be able to show you what I mean rather than me try explain it. The ball on the arm has to go inside this hole. This is the ball on the arm, it's just sitting inside the...
  12. C

    Outside window belts

    I currently own a 2004 vz executive and the outside window door belts on the driver and passenger door are faded and not shinny any more. Am I able to just remove them and spray paint them, if so how do I remove them? And what colour black (satin, gloss, etc) ? And should I give them a light...
  13. M

    Window regulator VX manual wind - Perth

    Hi guys, Just wondering the best place in Perth to buy a drivers side front door regulator for a manual wind window ? I have looked online but everything coming over from east costs $20+ for postage. Not too keen on a scrap yard seconds, rather just put in a new unit so don't have to do it...
  14. T

    VN Calais Rear power windows both not working.

    Hey everyone! This is my first post, and probably 5th commodore! I've never had a Calais or anything with power windows. Both my rear windows are not functioning. Now before anyone says it, I HAVE checked the control box, and the standard repair (solder joints) had been done previously, but I...
  15. trav27

    Vt commodore window/tail brake light issues

    Hi, i couldn't find a thread on this. And i just wanted to get some opinions on what the cause might be before i go to an auto electrician, just so i don't get ripped off. Anyway the brake lights all work fine when the park/headlights are turned off, but when they're turned on the window...
  16. J

    VY Front Widow Seal...

    hey everyone... the seal on my front window came off while driving today all the way from the hood to the first corner.... i put it back in but it came out again... does anyone know how to fix this and make it stick in better...
  17. C

    VX - Power Window Clunk Noise When Opening

    Have a VX with power windows front and back. The front passenger window has made a clunk noise when going down for the past 6 months. The clunk noise occurs when the window is about 40 to 50 mm from the top of the door frame. In the last week the driver's window has started making the same...
  18. xCalliba

    National Petition to change the laws of Window Tinting!

    Hey guys, Just a quick thread to spread the word on a national petition started by the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand that is going around to change the laws on window tinting across Australia. You may have noticed a lot of new cars now that come standard with Privacy...
  19. A

    Front electric windows squeak at top when winding up

    I've looked through countless threads on this forum for this issue and have not come across any solutions. Both of my front windows squeak/screech when going up and down at the very top of their wind sequence. They are electric windows. This is NOT the rattling issue others have...
  20. P

    Rear Power Windows Won't Go Down Or Up In VT

    My rear power windows won't go up or down using any of the window switches. I just bought a new main power window switch too since the old one was ####ed. Can someone give me some advice on fixing this problem. My car is a 1999 Vt Series 1 Equipe if that helps at all.
  21. D

    New window tint scratched - Need advice!

    Hi guys, I need some advice on my situation. I booked my car in at Tint a Car in metro SA for today, and when I dropped it off I mentioned to the guy behind the counter that my rear right window leaves marks on the window and if there was anything they could do to stop it scratching the tint...
  22. J

    Replacing a WINDING window

    Hi guys, Recently some mother effer randomly smashed my drivers window in. I've bought myself a new one and gave it a shot at replacing it but i've run into a brick all and there is knacker all help out there for VR's with winding windows. It seems the whole forum world only cares about...
  23. K

    replacing door windows

    both left door windows got smashed and i am trying to put new windows in. i already removed the door cards, speakers, the water deflector but am i meant to remove the window regulator or not. i really dont want to start drilling them rivots out. also one of the replacement glass has the metal...
  24. stevebutler

    power window issue

    I have an annoying problem with the power windows. They work fine, but sqeak in their rubbers when fully up while driving over bumps, turning corners, etc, for a long while i thought it was the doors rubbing. They also rattle in the doors when down. Im trying to work out if its the window...
  25. DmanVT

    [VIC] Window Tint and 24" Decal question? :S

    Hey all i have a vt commodore and i am going to get it tinted in August (when i turn 18) Recently i ordered a 24" Kicker decal on ebay for the rear window, I was wondering what are the restrictions / Laws for decals on rear window. Also would i be better off to wait until the tint is...
  26. nalchlan

    chrome window surrounds

    hey guys i was lookin through the wreckers and there was a vr with a pristine set of chrome window surrounds. and when i saw a vs same colour as mine with the chrome window surrounds on i reckon they would look sweet on my car. so i was wondering are they the same as the ones on the vs or are...
  27. D

    Replacing back window (VR wagon -95)

    Some friendly gentmeman broke my back window (tail gate window :) while I was at work. I bought a second hand window from wreckers, windscreen sealant and methylated spirits for cleaning the glass surface. What else do I need? Do I need to get a new rubber seal aswell? Old one seems to be fine...
  28. preston_e

    [General] Tinting your windows Read this first!!! DIY

    Hey, awhile ago I tinted my vp and it turned out to be a pretty good job I think... It cost me about $60 for the tint I had some left over’s and re-did some windows I wasn't happy with. Turns out it wasn't as hard as I thought ill run thu the way I did it. What I used. -razors -rubber...
  29. M

    VP electric window off track. Please help.

    My window on the passengers side has fallen inside door, and i can't suss out how to put window back into the two plastic sliders. Is there a knack to it or what? Its driving me insane! Any help would be excellent. Cheers
  30. V

    putting calais chrome window lining on executive

    does anyone know how to get the chrome lining of the rear quarter windows without braking it? does the window have to come out or?
  31. S2_VR_

    [NSW] 4x Electric Window Motor's Suit VR/VS maybe VN/VP??

    I have FL, FR, RL, RR, Electric window motor's for sale. $300ono for all 4 (actually make me an offer). Motor's only NO Door Loom's. Will Deliver To Nerang and sorrounding area's of up to 50km for $30. (or ask and i'll give you a quote, might be cheaper.) Make me an offer though you...
  32. S2_VR_

    [NSW] FOR SALE---VR/VS Berlina Chrome Window Sorrounds

    Left and right hand side. Very Good Condition located Northern NSW, 2471, i can deliver to sunshine coast. I really want to swap for wagon ones. wagon chrome window sorrounds. but other wise ..........$100. + $30 if you want them delivered to sunshine coast area. Call 04 66 66 55 03...
  33. D

    front window switch power issue

    i pulled my front window switch out the other day to change the LEDs in the switches as the old ones hadnt worked since i bought it, before removing the LEDs i thought i should test them just to make sure there blown so i tested them one by one with a 12v battery and they all worked but 1 (rear...
  34. C

    power window cable!!

    hey, my power window cable on my back left door has come off, ive taken the whole door trim apart an that and tryed to put the cable bak on but its just impossibe to get back on the runners and holders, help please????