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  1. T

    VX to VY dash conversion window wiring

    Hey Guys, I've almost completed converting the dash in my vx to a vy. I've run into a road block trying to find wiring diagrams for the electric windows online. I hear they're wired differently with the same plug. Currently it's plugged in and not working. Could someone please shed some light...
  2. R08813

    VS commodore electric window

    Hey everyone, would anyone know why an electric window that was working fine yesterday, only go half way down today ? I haven't taken the door skin off as yet to diagnose.
  3. R

    Rear power windows only work from the centre console

    Hi all, When I bought my 2008 VE commodore SV6 in August all the power windows were working fine, however a problem that I just noticed today (I don't usually have people in the back of my car) is that the rear power windows do not work from the door switches, only the centre console switches...
  4. J

    VZ Berlina Windows Down with Key Fob?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could let me know whether the 2004/5 VZ Berlina Sedan V6 will allow one to automatically lower the electric windows using the key fob? I know a number of manufacturers include this as a standard 'comfort-style' package... allowing you to lower the windows by...
  5. N

    VX Power Windows Losing Power

    Needing help with power windows, ever since I bought my VX keeps losing power. Front passenger just stopped working over time (had to have RAA to supply power to lift it back up and he said it's not getting power) now all of them go up and down very slowly. Does anyone know exactly where the...
  6. derjizm

    EOI: Power Window Delay Module

    Ive made and fitted a power window delay module to my VL. It keeps the power on for 2 minutes after the key is turned off. I tell you its bloody awesome! I was sick of turning the key off and removing it automatically after driving, only to have to put it back in and turn it on again just to...
  7. derjizm

    Power Window Technical Support

    Hi guys, I'm trying to convert to power windows in my Berlina but Im having problems. I have done lots of testing and Im quite sure the main switch is the problem, but I have thoroughly cleaned it with hydrochloric acid. The drivers window is the only one Im having problems with. Does...
  8. R

    Vr S2 s PAC ute power window and cruise installation

    Hey guys I have a vr ute that i want to put cruise and power windows in I have a series one vs sedan sitting in my back yard would all the wiring be there for both things and can I use vs parts?
  9. A

    How do you replace the drivers side window glass on my vt

    Hi Guys, does anyone know how to replace the drivers side window glass on my vt. I have done many on older models but the vt has those runner bits on the edge of the glass. Any help would be appreciated, Cheers, Azza
  10. V

    electric window conversion - only goes up or only goes down, not both

    hey guys, my vt previously had its windows converted to electric windows before i purchased it, the two front windows have been wired to the main switch, which controls them fine, they work all good, its the back windows im having problems with, i have taken the door panels off and tried to work...
  11. S

    Power window not working.

    Hay, The drives back passenger power window has stopped working today on my 06 VE SS.Both the drives and passenger switch don't work.All the other windows and switches work fine.Iam thinking may be that the motor has died or something,any help would be great. Thanks.
  12. G

    Vy ute power windows wiring?!

    Hello people, Could anyone tell me if my 2004 series 2 vy ute has the wiring I'n it for power windows? I have ripped the center console Out and there is a 3 prong plug under the stero and I don't no if this is what I'm looking for. I'n the fuse panel under the steering wheel has a spot for...
  13. M

    VY window issue :\

    Hey guys, VY SII S pack commodore I've just finished up installing a sound system in my car. In the process I replaced the front speakers with 6.5" splits, and had to use an mdf spacer so that the speaker would fit in the factory pod. My door trims went on fine, the speakers touch the trim...
  14. BakeTheTank

    VY Electric Back Windows - What are they worth?

    Hey guys, I've had the Back-Left and Back-Right electric window motors and switchs and wiring harness from a 2003 VY SS offered to me for $150 delivered, is that a reasonable price? I'm hoping to install them in my 2004 VYII S. Hit me back ASAP!
  15. M

    changing from power windows to manual

    hi this might be a stupid question but im sick of all the trouble with my power windows my drivers side window is stuck up and ive been quoted $300 to fix it is it possible to convert it to the manual ( wind up ) type window and would this be cheaper? i live in Qld and im cookin stuck in this...
  16. D

    VT Back Window Blury

    Hey, I Just Bouught A VT Calais And The Previous Owners Smoked In It And There Seems To Be Stuff Built Up On The Back Window And The Whole Thing Is Blury I Can Bearly See Out It.. Any Idea If Its Cos They Smoked In It?? Or How To Get It Clear Again Ive Even Tried Thinners..