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windscreen wipers

  1. C

    VE commodore windscreen wipers not moving without assistance

    Hi guys, So tonight we are moving house and have rented a trailer to do so. It starts raining o (of course Murphy's law) and then my windscreen wipers failed completely and all of a sudden. When the car tries to move the wiper blades you can also here a funny noise coming from the engine...
  2. K


    Hi All, I have a 2005 VZ Commodore Lumina wagon, and for the past year or so, whenever I need to use the windscreen wipers, they work fine on intermittent, and the slower regular speed, but when it is a heavy downpour, and I try to put them on the fast speed, they simply stop working, and freeze...
  3. S

    How to remove rear windscreen wiper?

    Ok so I got the first two off fine but I can't seem to get the rear off and I don't want to brake it. Any ideas? I have taken the bolt out. http://s1300.photobucket.com/component/Download-File?file=%2Falbums%2Fag93%2Floltrain9876%2Fimage_zpsz73jwfro.jpg
  4. S

    Screw/pin near windscreen wipers?

    Hello, I'm trying to get the screw/pin things off so I can get to the windscreen wipers. I'm having so much trouble they just don't want to come off. Any methods/ways would be appreciated. Thanks. http://rs1300.pbsrc.com/albums/ag93/loltrain9876/image_zpsrju4bg1j.jpg~320x480
  5. E

    windscreen wiper dont self cancel and int doesnt work! what could this be!??

    Hey guys my windscreen wipers on my vp berlina are having issues.. They stay in the same place when you flick them off in stead of going back down. also the intemedent doesnt work also. Help would be very good cos its going in for rwc soon and all it needs to pass. Thanks for any help
  6. B

    Windscreen wipers

    My windscreen wipers on my car are really faded.. How do i take my windscreen wiper of to paint them... There is the one nut on the front but how do i get them to come all the way off? Cheers Brendon