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  1. J

    wk caprice climate control issue

    with the climate control on in my wk caprice. with the fan on any setting and air on the main face vents ive found that sometimes the air will reroute to the windscreen. Ive also noticed it only happens when driving up a hill in top gear (auto). The issue usually clears once the car isnt...
  2. M

    Windscreen Washer Vy

    I was going thru this informative website in regards to replace my windscreen water pump motor, but couldnt find a write up or any information, I checked on ebay , like the moter is for $20 but when i looked in my engine bay i couldnt fine the washer motor , Any idea where is it located...
  3. C

    Dodgey vin plates?

    Hey guys I recently bought a vs and to my shock it has two Vin plates in the windscreen ones bolted in but the others just floating around I asked the person I bought it off why and they said they got the body from a wreckers and built it I can't check if the one bolted in is authentic so I was...

    Remove windscreen washer nozzles?

    Hey guys, Just wondering how one would remove the windscreen washer nozzles on the front of the bonnet of the car? Got some new chrome ones to put on, instructions tell me how to connect them, but the first step is 'remove old nozzle', and i don't know how. :hmmm: cheers
  5. Z

    Vt Commodore wipers

    Started my day in North Sydney on a pretty miserable morning, jumped in the car, turned on the windscreen wipers. No joy. I drove home across the harbour bridge with no wipers, which is good fun way to start your day. Looked around the house for my service manual, can't find that either...