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  1. N

    Clubsport R8 Spoiler on an SS

    Hi All, Has anyone here put the spoiler off an R8 Clubsport Sedan (VY) onto an SS Sedan (VY)? If so did anyone have any troubles and are there any pics around? The whole car is getting re-sprayed anyway so not that worried about paint/colour related issues, just wondering if it would be an...
  2. B

    how to rear wing a vp?

    got a rear wing from a 95 lexcen (3 mounts with led stop light) wanna put it on a 92 vp whats the best way to mark up bolt holes in boot lid? racking my head trying to position it any ideas?
  3. S

    [LS1] VE SS Wing/Grille

    Hey guys, new to the forums so hopefully i'm in the right area? haha. Just recently pruchased a VE SS, i'm looking at doing some exterior work by purchasing a different wing for it. I'm just wondering what the difference is between the G8 Wing, and Senator wing? Also, is it worth purchasing...
  4. V

    Wing or no wing???

    I got a red vz ss and I'm contemplating taking the wing off what do you reakon? Does anyone have any photos of one without a wing?
  5. xtreme_sony

    [QLD] Vp Boot Spoiler For Sale

    I have a Boot Spoiler Off a VP Commodore, Its Silver in Colour and in VGC (Very Good Condition), It has the built in Brake Light. Its has the wiring for the Brake Light Aswell. I removed it only for the reason (I AM NOT A SPOILER PERSON). So if you are interested Just put up a POST or PM me with...