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  1. A

    Holden VZ SV6 windscreen wipers not turning off

    Hi guys, I have had this unusual issue occur with me 3 times within a 3 year time period of owning my SV6 so far. For no apparent reason, when driving in rainy conditions, it seems as though I can't turn off my wipers when it stops raining, the only way I have managed to stop them is pull...
  2. S

    Faulty wipers- How to replace 06 VE wiper motor

    I have a 2006 VE V Commodore and the bloody wipers aren't working properly. They only work on full speed and i have to stop them and judge when to turn them off to get them to rest at the bottom and not halfway on the windscreen. I don't have any idea how to change the wiper motor. I have ruled...
  3. V

    VP Wiper Control/Cluster?

    Hi all, can't seem to find one where I've looked but does anyone have a VP wiper control/button cluster in there possesion that they can part with? I've hot wired the old one with a switch for position one so wipers work but the complete cluster is stuffed. Any ideas where to get one, no luck...
  4. C

    Vk wiper motor tired?

    My mate has a VK and his wipers screach a bit. He has replaced the blades with 3 different types even right up to expensive teflon ones but the wipers are slow and grippy. I'm just wondering if anyone with a VK has similar problems? I'm not sure whether the wiring needs updating or the wiper...