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wire harness

  1. L

    No signal to iac valve

    have just converted my vs clubby to manual and have a 355 stroker in it with a manual loom and computer from a vn ss . It has a high idle and I’ve found there is no signal or power to my iac valve. Probed at both the connector and pcm. Any idea what to check next ??? Or what powers those wires...
  2. Ballzup

    Wiring loom

    Hi All, has anyone here done a complete re-wire of their car? I have a VH SL/E that needs all new wiring. I have the original loom and either want to buy a new one off the shelf of get one made to the same specs as the original one in my car. Any suggestions as to who to contact? Seeking good...
  3. M

    FX holden

    I have an FX with a VN 3.8 and need a little help with a wire that comes from the fire wall and reaches the block my only concern is this cable is RED it doesn't go to the starter motor or alternator any help would be great thanks
  4. tdirago

    HOW TO: install new Head unit into a commodore VT (wiring harness)

    Gday guys, Turned 19 yesterday and my dad gave me his old VT.. Only problem is it has no ipod integration or a cassete player. I've done plenty of research regrading the matter of replacing the head unit, and i found out the installation costs are around 100 dollars. Id much rather save...