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  1. S

    Were to run wires through firewall - for Temp gauge sensor

    Installing a SAAS water temp gauge to my VY 2004 Crewman. Not sure were to run the sensor wire through the fire wall. Would appreciate any advice, Regards SRaven
  2. Adrian's Vr

    A/c wiring

    Went to get my ac regassed and got it given back because if wiring, i fixed the compressor wiring but now it still wont turn on, relay/fuse is ok, im aware that it may not turn on because it has no gas, but the little green wire connected to the compressor isn't getting power on the volt meter...
  3. N

    HELP! Head Unit leading to battery drain!

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong forum but recently I've installed a Kenwood DDX4018bt head-unit into my 2005 VZ SV6 and all was great until I noticed a few days later it drained the battery, so I changed it up and alas, it drained again. Not only does it seem to be drawing...
  4. N

    VX headunit steering wheel control help please!!!

    hey everyone! i just bought a pioneer DEH-X2750UI single din headunit, APPIOA pioneer to control harness adapter and a CHVTXA steering wheel control harness. i cut off the two end connector harnesses then wired the headunit input harness to it but there was two wires (blue and orange) left...
  5. H

    VR duel fuel under dash wiring

    I have a vr duel fuel and the wiries under the dash need to be hooked up for the gas if some one has a photo or something
  6. B

    Installing electric windows in a '97 VT

    Hey guys.. Im over having window winders! they suck! im wanting to put electric windows in and have a general idea of how to do it.. ive read a few posts on here and seen that it makes it easier if you have a plug in your console, i take apart my dash quite aot and when i do i see a plug with...
  7. H

    [Help] Checking for errors in vn.. which wires?

    Hello, I read the guide on how to check for errors in the vn by bridging it with a paper clip.. I'm having difficulties finding which ones to bridge... i removed the kick panel to expose the metal case holding the memcal. I have no idea which ones to bridge.. is it 1 of the 2 cables plugged into...
  8. jaron88


    Hi, well i own a 1998 VT S1, i have been having trouble starting my car, it cranks but wont start?? Ive replaced my CAS, and a whole new DFI module pack coils+ plate, new leads,new spark plugs. Fuel pump has been tested and is fine altnator os fine also and the starter motor is fine also. Ive...
  9. G

    VZ Aftermarket Stereo losing memory

    First time installing a stereo in a car. Tried looking for an adapter to plug my new Sony WX-GT78UI into the existing wiring and found the APP8SP from Aerpro. After confirming the wires with this guide found it was working perfectly. Only problem is it isn't storing anything. Obviously...
  10. speed__demond

    help with my siren wires

    ok i was thinking of getting a different horn as a second to the one i have but, i do have an old alarm set in the shed and it has a siren with it i know the black is ground and the red is 12v but how do i connect it to a switch with the last wire i think it activates when the last wire...