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wiring head units

  1. K

    Need help with VE headunit & current Clarion

    Hi guys, So i had a mate disconnect my VE's headunit and attached a Clarion headunit in replace of it... The VE stereo is still connected and alive but does not operate.. obviously the Clarion now controls the speakers/amp/sub which is indeed what i wanted. However i want to have my actual...
  2. H

    Holden Berlina Series 2 VT 1999 Head unit Install Help

    Hey there, I recently Purchased a new Pioneer DEH 1350MPG head uniut, and I've come to wiring it up and I Can't seem to get the unit to power up. I have tried searching for the wire guide but to no sucess. The VT has the following colours : Black with white stripe Orange with black...
  3. B

    sterio and trip metre wont turn off /a power window problem also

    hey fellas, i was wondering if anyone could help me with this..evan after i stut my vq off n take the keys out the ignition my trip metre on the dash and my sterio stays on?can anybody help me with this...and i have a slight power window problem also lol i had a prang in my car last yr and now...
  4. K

    1998 vt, acc wire doesnt have power

    hey guys, last week a mate was helping me put my new headunit in my vt was working perfectly then was taping the wires up and he shorted a few wires out. After that we tried hooking the headunit up which was working previously and nothing. tested all my wires and found that the red accesory wire...
  5. J

    VTII ACCLAIM rear parcel shelf speakers

    hey all. i am going to attempt to put 6x9 speakers in my rear parcel shelf area soon and i was wondering if someone could post a guide as to how to go about this. i already have the space but they are covered and i have no idea how to get the covers off as there are no visible screws i can see...