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wiring problem

  1. L

    Vx series 2 wont start PLEASE HELP...

    Hey guys i brought a 02 vx pretty cheap wanst going something with motor or wireing. Ok i though. Easy fix i have a going motor+loom , ecu, bcm, key fob. That ive just installed. Bam still nothing. Winds over fine. Fires then stalls straight away. I have checked fuel. To the extent of pulling...
  2. Tyrone Connell

    Vs Statesman Instrument lights not working (HELP!)

    Hi, the instrument lights in my vs statesman cluster are not working but the trip computer is. I checked the fuse and it was not broken but i replaced it anyway and still did not work. I then used a test lamp on the fuse bay and nothing, no current. I pulled the fuse box out and the two wires...
  3. I

    Wireless reverse camera issues - possibly wiring?

    Hey crew, I've gone and bought myself one of those GPS/wireless reverse camera packages of ebay. When i first wired it up in my VT, it worked fine (red wire from camera/transmitter to green reverse light and black wire to earth). Problem is that the GPS/screen gradually stopped switching over...
  4. C

    WH HID Conversion

    Hi Guys, I hope someone can help me with this little problem. I have already placed a Hi/Lo HID H4's in the main headlights and they are working great. The problem I have is with the High Beam Spots, I have purchased the same brand of light and they are to be plug and play as the H4's were...
  5. L

    wh statesman not starting

    iv talked to a few auto electrician about my car its a 3.8L v6 ecotec they said it might be my selector not responding ( as in he thinks its reading in drive but really its in park) i turn the key everything lights up on the dash but doesn't make the car fire or even tick battery and starter...
  6. V

    Help needed!!!

    Hi Guys, i recently just got a hold of some VT SS seats and door trims and also electric window regs and switches for my car (VX series 2 exec) My question for you guys as ive looked on forums for the past week and my questions really havnt be answered is as follows My BCM is only a LOW...
  7. V

    Need help asap

    Hi Guys, Ive recently picked up a full VT ss interior (both front seats are electric) and some Power window regs and switches to install in my VX Exec (they were a good price), i have the plug in the centre console for the window switch and just waiting on some looms, my question is, i...
  8. P

    New Sony head unit wont turn on after installation in VS Commodore?

    Hi guys, this is the first time I have tried to install a head unit on my vs commodore and I have just finished connecting all the wires together for my new Sony CDX-GT615UV head unit. But it's not doing anything its like its not getting any power at all or like its dead. I have checked the...
  9. P

    VT Tail Light

    Hey need help with my VT, the left hand tail light is not working but the break light and indicator work. The driving light is only out on the left hand side... The bulbs are good and wiring looks fine.. Any Ideas??
  10. G

    ecotec engine swap / wiring.

    hey i put the V6 motor from my 96 VS bt1 into a datsun 200b just cant get the motor to do anything, when you go to start it all you get is a click noise from one of the relays. had a mate help remove the engine and thin some wires just wondering what can be taken out or what has to be there...
  11. K

    1998 vt, acc wire doesnt have power

    hey guys, last week a mate was helping me put my new headunit in my vt was working perfectly then was taping the wires up and he shorted a few wires out. After that we tried hooking the headunit up which was working previously and nothing. tested all my wires and found that the red accesory wire...