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wiring question

  1. I

    Install SMD LED DRL

    Hi guys, I'm planning to install a pair of SMD LED DRL's (driving lights) to my VT Clubby controlled by a in cabin switch. I've searched the forum and alot of the instructions on installing DRL's mention a relay? What is a relay and why do i need it? This is how i plan to wire it. Can...
  2. P

    Troubleshooting aerial on 2007 VE

    Since installing an aftermarket head unit I've got poor radio reception, especially AM. As part of troubleshooting I unscrewed the roof aerial and then checked for continuity between the centre aerial plug in the dash and the aerial base (female thread). Result was open circuit. My very basic...
  3. B

    Reverse Wire for Head Unit

    Hey guys, Anyone know of a +12v Reverse wire near to the Centre Console (preferably fairly accessible) I can use while wiring up my head unit for a Reversing Camera? Preferably pics or a wire colour would be helpful. Cheers, Beefy 2001 VX Berlina V6 Auto Sedan
  4. N

    Wiring through VR Acclaim firewall

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting wiring through a 1994 VR Acclaim firewall? Something quick and easy preferably! Cheers
  5. T

    vr wiper switch into vp wiring help

    hi all, i'm putting a vr dash into my vp and i'm up to connecting the wiper switch. i noticed that most of the wires are different colours and therefore not a straight cut and connect like most other plugs. can anyone give me a list telling me what wires connect to what? so for example...
  6. JAKE-26

    Is this wiring kit any good?

    Audioline kit - AL002 2 Amplifier Wiring Kit, 4 Gauge | Car Sound, Car Accessories : JB HI-FI Im going to install my system soon and didn't know whether the brand/quality of the wiring mattered a huge deal or not. I think this brands nothing special but its got most of what i will need to...