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  1. LetterioCaruso

    VZ v6 to 6 litre conversion

    Hi all just wanting some help in regards to fitting a 6 litre into my VZ V6 Sedan. Before I start getting just sell it and buy a v8 I completely agree with you that it’s heaps easier but due to sentimental family reasons results in why I want to do the conversion. I have a 6 litre engine out of...
  2. V

    VZ Where does the dash tweeter connect in the dash? (With Diagram)

    I am wondering about the connection between the back of the head unit and the dash tweeter(And coincidently the door speaker on the same circuit) According to a wiring diagram, there is nothing more than a simple electrical connection happening there. I have provided a wiring diagram of what...
  3. Mark_My_Word

    VE Window wiring issue -Advice needed

    Hey guys, picked up a VE fixer upper for cheap. No windows work in it. No power to the two harnesses attaching to the door lock window module either. Right, so the last owner was running a cable from the 12v plug in the centre console through a switch direct to the window motor to put the...
  4. T

    VY S LED Headlight Issues

    Hi all, I recently purchased some LED headlights for my VY. They have arrived and I have tried fitting them and have run into some issues. 1. The H1 high beam LED has 2 connectors opposed to the halogen only having 1 connector. I believe I may have to buy a wiring converter (2 female to 1...
  5. Adrian's Vr

    Head unit won't work but a/c blows

    I just tapped a inline converter into the head unit but now the head unit and everything in that cluster stopped working but blows air from ac still, fuses seem ok but is there a fuse I'm unaware of?
  6. J

    AC electrical issues

    hey guys, I’ve got a 2001 WH statesman l67 Okay so I’ve had my air con regassed professionally and pressure tested, there’s definitely no leaks and we’ve replaced the o rings with genuine ones, pressure checked it again 24 hours and still holds pressure But the air con clutch will not engage...
  7. S

    Haynes Workshop Manual

    I currently have both the Holden and Ellerys Manuals however i am struggling to find info on the theft deterrent system to install my alarm, would someone with the Haynes manual be kind enough to share the VY theft deterrent wiring. Thanks
  8. S

    Factory Alarm Arm & Disarm Wires?

    Hi All, Attempting to install an aftermarket alarm on my car and i have gone through the workshop manual however i still cannot find how to arm the factory alarm using the aftermarket unit, can some drop a wiring pinout or lead me to the correct wires for the factory arm & disarm? The door lock...
  9. B

    VF Wagon Power Amp Install

    My previous VF Calais wagon was written off after hail storm damage so I removed the Kicker ZX200.2 amp and Alpine speakers before they carted it off. My replacement Calais V VF wagon has no room under the passenger seat for the amp due to the seat electrics. The only place where it would fit is...
  10. I

    2004 vy new headunit not working? (Jvc media player double din)

    Replaced the stock ones witha brand new one and it doesnt seem to turn on.. i tried everything in my knowledge to make it work.. it wouldnt be the head unit because its brand new. All the wirings are connected to where theyre suppose to be. Only thing i havent done is check the fuse.. but i want...
  11. Adrian's Vr

    A/c wiring

    Went to get my ac regassed and got it given back because if wiring, i fixed the compressor wiring but now it still wont turn on, relay/fuse is ok, im aware that it may not turn on because it has no gas, but the little green wire connected to the compressor isn't getting power on the volt meter...
  12. T

    VX to VY dash conversion window wiring

    Hey Guys, I've almost completed converting the dash in my vx to a vy. I've run into a road block trying to find wiring diagrams for the electric windows online. I hear they're wired differently with the same plug. Currently it's plugged in and not working. Could someone please shed some light...
  13. P

    Vn v6. Crank angle.

    Hi all can anyone tell me is it possible to use a 2 wire crank angle sensor (say from a ford) on a v6 to control the dfi unit. ???? Instead of the 4wire Holden sensor
  14. N

    Vz tonner fuel gauge stuck on empty

    Hi lads, I have a VZ tonner and the fuel gauge just sits on empty, with the alarm and low fuel warning on every start up and constant flashing bowser on dash led screen, when I turn the ign off the needle drops to resting place below the E, but will not move past the E line when key on, no...
  15. RorzaaBoy

    Need help with stereo wiring

    My stereo was fitted by a degenerate redneck, and i think there was a short somewhere so i pulled it apart. I need help figuring out what wires are what.
  16. S

    Reverse Sensors not beeping after replacing head unit

    Had changed head unit from another aftermarket head unit to an alpine head unit. Unforunately everything was twist and taped instead of just using one of those conversions from supercheap so have had to manually wire everything to the new head unit. Previous to this the sensors worked and...
  17. RiffRaffMama

    Best spot to tap a new rear cigarette lighter in to?

    My front cigarette lighter is a pain in the ass. It keeps shorting out on something and blowing the fuse and you know, 10 amp fuses don't grow on trees... no, it's more that it's a pain in the c*nt to get to the back of to remount it properly. And when I do, it'll be fine at first, but the first...
  18. Wickham_1995


    Hey guys, I have a 09 hsv e2 senny sig 6.2l and was looking under the rear seat at the wiring and i've noticed on the left hand side (Battery side) the wiring loom is exposed and in one it is melted and burnt. Would anyone know what this loom is for/controlling? Ive had 2 fuel pump failures in...
  19. Wickham_1995


    Hey guys, I have a 09 hsv e2 senny sig 6.2l and was looking under the rear seat at the wiring and i've noticed on the left hand side (Battery side) the wiring loom is exposed and in one it is melted and burnt. Would anyone know what this loom is for/controlling? Ive had 2 fuel pump failures in...
  20. C

    5l VR ute having a short.

    My V8 ute is having a short or something. If I put the terminals on its got a lot of spark like a welder plus the battery heats up. The negative terminal wire is melted and there is smoke everywhere. the wires get hot from the terminals to the altinator. Altinator is bran new and battery. Can...
  21. L

    VE series 2 cluster wiring help

    Hi all, im just putting in an aftermarket tacho/rpm meter in and wondering what wire I take from the dash for the gauge. There's 13 wires that come into the dash cluster. TIA VE SERIES 2 2012 SV6 UTE. Couldn't find a diagram online
  22. L

    Short in wiring

    Hi guys I have a short in my car and im also getting no spark what so ever I've tried replacing Cabo angle sensor and also have checked all coils but still getting no spark I then got a fuse tester and tested all the fuses and found the shorting fuse which turn the test light off, I don't have a...
  23. A

    Broke a connector in fuse box

    Hey, Long story short I was replacing a fuse that went on me today. I checked all the fuses since I had it open and in removing one I broke one of the small metal arms that holds the fuse in place (I'm not sure what the correct term is, essentially the receiver for where the fuse plugs in)...
  24. 1

    2010 HSV GTS VE LS3 Fire damage - wiring harness and HVAC fan /assy gawn!

    Long story short.. (with engine removed) some plasma cutter work saw a spark catch on the exposed fan assy and she went up.. got it out, but some fire damage grrr, anyway.. lesson learnt.. now to fix it. I'll be needing a replacement HVAC/fan unit (sits between the dash and firewall (firewall -...
  25. N

    SIDI Conversion

    I have been trying to find any information regarding an sidi conversion into a vz manual ute. yes i have searched the fourms and all i can find is people saying just v8 swap its easier, v6 is a waste of time, ect, so if thats what your thinking please keep it too yourself. Im looking for any...
  26. RiffRaffMama

    What is a Diversity Antenna Module?

    Looking at anti-theft alarm info in a manual I came across this image showing the various control modules in VT-VY cars and I'm perplexed by this "diversity antenna module". I can't find any references to it online in relation to Commodores. What does it do?
  27. vnss355vyssLSA

    VN SS 355 no fuel no spark ecu issue?

    Hi everyone, didn’t know if I should post in the VN-VP section or on here but I’ll give it a shot... So I’ve recently purchased a 1990 s2 VN SS 355 after not having one for about 10 years. So basically the car won’t start, doesn’t have power to the pump, and no spark. I thought I’d start with...
  28. A

    IAT Sensor wiring colours/diagram

    I'm doing a LS1 conversion into a VL and am almost done. I've just realised I've cut the MAF/IAT wiring out without realising I need it. It's overfuelling, fouling plugs and running progressively worse the longer it runs/hotter it gets. After realising it's absolutely necessary to have a IAT...
  29. M

    front speakers have stopped working

    Hey guys so a few weeks ago I installed new speakers in the front and rear doors of my vz wagon which worked just fine but a couple days back the front two started sounding a bit crackly so I thought I'd best re-wire them. So far I've redone only from the speakers to the crossovers (Bypassing...
  30. N

    Has anyone mounted a dashcam in a VY Series 2 Executive?

    Hi all, I recently got a dash cam with a cigarette lighter adaptor for my car, but due to the location of the normal cigarette port in the VY I can't really mount the camera without wies running around the cabin of my car. Has anyone mounted a dash cam in their vehicle, and if so how did you get...
  31. Dean O'Sullivan

    VE OMEGA Sub & Amp Install.

    Just bought dual subs & an amp for my Omega, wondering what cords are needed for the install? or if there is a kit im able to purchase with all the cables needed?
  32. N

    Vz manual conversion

    G'day guys, I've just recently done a manual conversion on my 2005 vz calais 190kw. The problem is when I bought the conversion I was sold everything except all the control modules. Now I have the car running and driving, only problem is, still running the auto ECU it thinks it is still in park...
  33. N

    Does a VY series 2 executive have tweeters?

    I'm in the middle of installing new speaker's to my front doors and was mainly looking at speakers with built in tweeters. I was wondering if this model of car had tweeters installed in it. I don't believe it's been worked on despite what I've done myself, such as installing a new head unit and...
  34. B

    VT-VU motor transfer. Starting complications

    hi all. Did an LS1/4L60E transplant from my S2 VT SS into a VU ute LS1 model but NOT an ss. So down to the issues During the transfer i noticed a few differences. The vt had ABS but the VU did not (no fuses for it, no module and no brake lines coming from the booster). The vu's harness plugs...
  35. M

    Remove A pillar trim

    Hi all, I just bought a dashcam for my vz and I want to install the cable by running it under the A pillar trim and down the door frame. I'm just a bit worried about breaking the trim if I try to remove it, and info on the net is a bit scarce.. Can anyone shed some light on how to remove the...
  36. Miickyy

    Vx to Vz interior pillar upgrade. With lights

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  37. Elscrappycoco

    Injected straight 6 to carb v8

    hey guys bought a vk sl with the injected black 202 Pulled it all out and planning on putting a black 308 in it I picked up cheap Just wondering if anybody has a quick run down on what wiring can be used/ has to go etc..
  38. munty

    Power Window Troubles VS

    Been lurking these forums for years getting answers to my problems, just decided to make an account. I have a VS Sedan with power windows. right side drivers window would not go up or down, replaced motor at the mechanics to find it will only go down now and not up. So i was told a new switch...
  39. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...
  40. Wickham_1995

    VC Wiring Question

    ive just wired up my motor on the vc, has a blue 202 with tirmatic. everything is plugged in except one pink/tan wire that comes from the loom into the engine bay and is in the same plastic as the anti dieseling solenoid but i don't know where it actually connects up to. i know it is power for...