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  1. D

    [VIC] 2012 Thunder Or GXP Maloo???

    Hey guys, So business is doing well, after i was forced to start with a slog VZ V6 manual ute cause of budget at the time, and it was the only one with a canopy, and im ready to part with her. I can budget up to $30,000 and ive driven a couple of 2011/2012 Thunders, and as one would expect...
  2. V

    EMERGENCY! elec problem

    Hey guys, had my car detailed, and now the: horn, hazards and windscreen wipers don't work checked fuses seem to be alright any ideas? thanks in advance for your help!!! :D
  3. magpies1

    somewhere to work ( with cars ) only 16

    im only 16 and but want to work at a place thats some thing to do with cars or a car shop or something..only part time for now.. any ideas?:confused: