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worked v6

  1. I

    VX Berlina lowered with black 20's

    hey guys. just wanted to show some pics of my car, im 17 and this is my first car. I bought the car off a mate who had done some engine mods to it to make it quicker than the average ecotec. right now it is on ultra lows at the rear with the original springs on the front, the black 20s on there...
  2. V

    Need ideas for worked VR V6.

    Hey im pullin the donk out this week to get into it haha. Lookin a warmin it up abit, just want some ideas and opinions. making a list heres what i got so far. *roller rockers. 1.8.1 i suppose. * stage 2 cam *supercharged vt injectors? *heads shaved abit. mayb 20 thou or so? not to much as...