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    Ignition Leads or High Ratio Roller Rockers? V6

    Hey guys, Got car serviced today and spoke to the mechanic about getting a bit of power in my v6. Still on P-plates, just wanted a little bit more power to get me by) I suggested High Ratio Roller Rockers from MACE but he said it won't be worth it at all. After servicing my car he said...

    VT Memcal where/who can do it?

    Hey, looking to get a memcal tune, car runs on premium, has hurricane extractors and catback system as well as K&N Filter. VT S-Pack SERIES II V6 Ecotec 3.8L engine. Anyoen knwo a good place in North Brisbane to do them or a person on here that can, Delcowizarrd said he couldn't do a VT...