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wrecking manual vs

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    [QLD] Wrecking VS V6 commodore, many parts still available, Rochedale, Brisbane

    ITEM: I have a series 1 V6 commodore acclaim that i am in the process of pulling apart. Getting to the point that i need it all gone, no reasonable offers refused. The car is a dark greeny blue colour, code b148, although the clear coat is either peeling or completely gone on most panels...
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    [QLD] Wrecking VS exec manual

    ITEM: I have a 97 maroon (Paint code F046) VS V6 exec that i am wrecking. Based in Rochedale, near springwood. There will be no motor as i need that but would consider parting with some of the engine accessories. Other than that, most of the car is available. Most of the panels are good except...