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write off

  1. nbas99

    VZ Lower radiator support repair

    Hey guys, Currently have a repairable write off vehicle. Main damage was to the K frame (already repaired), and also the lower radiator support had also bend. I have bought a new one however part of the repair needs to be by the manufacturer workshop manual. Does anyone have these details as...
  2. J

    FFS! Tboned in my 08 ve, driver side roof and seat airbags deployed.uninsured,at fault, still owe $

    Im in a bad situation. Uninsured, at fault and still owe about 8k on the finance, airbags deployed driver side roof and drivers seat. Need new doors. Im in 2 minds about what to do. Ive ultimately gotta fix the thing if im still paying for it off otherwise iv got a car I cant sell once its paid...
  3. A

    Ve r8 conversion to omega

    Bend the chassis on my ve r8 with very little damage to everything else . Am going buy a omega or cheap shell to transfer all running gear interior etc any tips? Guessing all ECU need to be swapped I know it would be easier to transfer to a ve ss or v8 shell but I am in nz and these cars are...
  4. chevdreamer

    Flood Damaged VT

    So with the rain and flooding we had yesterday it my wife 2 1/2 hours to get from bentleigh to hampton park ( just shy of our narre south home). She went through flood water got stuck in the middle water was up to the door handles. she tried starting the car in the water (she knows nothing about...

    Car Prices Expected? Also maybe wanna sell to me?

    Hey all, Got my car written off a few days ago (whole front right is screwed up and I'm lucky to be here), basically I need a new Commy. Had a Commodore VS Series II '97 and would rather not get another VS since I have owned one before, but if the deal is good enough i'll get one...

    Car accident/write off = (

    Hey all, I have had my car for 4months, on my red p-plates and have just written off my first car. Had a few things done to it (thankfully not too much). Yesterday I was driving home from work and I drove through an intersection (with the green light my way) and an asian lady turned...