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  1. B

    WRX drivetrain.... Commodore AWD thoguhts and comments??

    So we all know the sucky thing about having a commodore is your going around a corner then ahhhhh shitttttt UNDERSTEEEERRRR , or the opposite.... oh shitt OVER STEEERRRR .... i think i have a solution. Thoughts and comments on a AWD commodore with WRX tranny slash drive train powered by the...
  2. Vy S SC

    Trade in my L67 VY for a 2001 WRX S?

    Hi guys, just a quick question. A friend of mine is selling his 2001 Subaru WRX S shortly due to an increase in family members. He is willing to give it to me for $11,000... Here's a few stats and mods it has: 140,000 k's, 10 months rego, excellent cond. Tinted windows, lowered 2 inches...
  3. M

    [SA] FS OR SWAP: 2001 Subaru WRX Wagon

    Hey, Looking at selling my WRX or swapping for something cheaper with cash my way! All the info you need is on my carsales link... ITEM: 2001 Subaru WRX Wagon ( REXXXY ) LOCATION: SA YEAR: 2001 Bugeye SERIES: MY01 ENGINE: EJ20 2.0l 4cyl turbo ( 161kws @ all 4 wheels )...
  4. MovieDude

    Thinking of selling my SS

    My VE SS is under 2-years old and even though it has been fantastically reliable, comfortable and a great drive I am thinking of selling it. I have owned cars this size before but recently have been thinking that I would prefer to be in a smaller and more economical performance car. I don't do...