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  1. gr33nbastad

    Xforce blown cats

    So, about 16,000 klms after install of a full Xforce system with varex mufflers, I start hearing a rattle in the right hand muffler and find a big chunk of cat flapping around, and the left hand side valve completely stuck shut. Pretty pissed about this crap, warranty claim PITA paperwork still...
  2. P

    VE Exhaust

    Hey guys, I fairly recently bought a VE SSV ute and would like to tweak my exhuast, when I purchased the car it came with a cat-back 3" xforce exhuast system but had muffler eliminator pipes (Ugly 3" mild steel single pipes), I don't mind the sound, but I am looking at getting extractors in the...
  3. D

    Performance parts install

    Hey guys I just purchased some headers (1 3/4) for my VE 6.0, which should bolt directly on to my 2.5" xforce catback system. Was wondering if anyone knew of a decent workshop/mechanic who installs aftermarket parts for a reasonable price and quality. Located in Western Sydney, cheers.
  4. Giusa93

    What Headers to Get? HELP!!!

    Hey Guys, this is my first post!! I have a 2010 VE SS manual and so far I have got a 2.5" XForce Catback and a VCM OTR. Its been dyno tuned and is currently pushing 240kw to the wheels. I am looking at getting Headers next to try and get close to 260kw to the wheels but am not sure what will...
  5. ebonymarie

    Sedan exhuast fit wagon?????

    hi, I have found a secondhand xforce exhuast off a ls2 gts. I just wanna know if it would fit my ssv wagon?
  6. B

    VE SS Full Exhaust / Fault Codes

    Hi everyone, Trying to decide what exhaust to go with for a 2008 VE SSV. My first preference would be a full engine back system with headers, high flow cats and cat back, however my main concern is whether this will cause fault codes to appear. I've tried asking several exhaust shops and I...
  7. BenVzSv6

    Exauhst assistance & Opinions

    Alright I need some help, I've got a Holden Vz Sv6 2004 it's got a stock exauhst on it at the moment and I want a change. I'm about to get my P's just a under a month. Is it worth getting the full system done and worrying about the cops up my ass or just the muffler. I want all your opinions to...
  8. B

    Exhaust help!

    Hey, I have the vf sv6 and I have already got a xforce 61mm catback exhaust installed onto it but want it to have a louder sound. I'm confused with the bracket sizes because my exhaust isn't 2.5" Will this exhaust Commodore VE VF V6 V8 Sports Rear Mufflers Suit UTE | eBay Just bolt straight...
  9. Kizza121

    J Pipe or X Force Catback?

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I have recently picked up a MY15 SV6 VF Ute in Heroin White and I am looking at doing some little mods to it. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on it because at the end of the day its still a v6. I am looking at getting an exhaust for it but I...
  10. B

    Vf sv6

    Was just wondering if anyone has done any mods to their VF SV6 as yet? I picked up my heron white manual SV6 last week and am now looking into exhaust/otr/tune for a bit more power, throttle response and better tone. any recommendations? Also with the Mylink system how hard is it to...
  11. A

    VE S2 SS Wagon

    Name: Aaron Model: 2010 VE Series 2 SS wagon Colour: Black Bodykit: Standard SS Engine Type: 6.0L V8 L77 Engine Mods: Milled & Ported heads, VCM 11 Camshaft, VCM Otr CAI, VCM Oil cooler, Mafless 98ron/E85 tune Power: 330rwkw 673nm E85, 320rwkw 661nm 98 Exhaust: Xforce Extractors, Full 3" Xforce...
  12. S

    [NSW] WTB: Xforce 3" Cat Back for VE SS Ute

    ITEM: 3" Xforce mild or SS cat back exhaust for a VE SS Ute (Preferably mild as I am on a budget) CONDITION: Used but good condition LOCATION: Central Coast PAYMENT: Cash on pickup Willing to travel to Sydney/Newcastle to pickup if quality item is guaranteed Thank you in advance!
  13. Brad SSV

    Lowered 07 SSV

    Okay so I'm wanting to lower my SSV on sssl's all round and then going for a 3" xforce exhaust but not sure if my car will still be legal height in Qld. I was told sssl's have me 20-30mm above legal height but nothing to tell me if xforce hangs lower than stock.
  14. Eblostdiamond

    3.0" x force varex catback system. Too loud or will the adjustable features pass it?

    Hey I'm looking into getting a 3.0" x force varex catback system, for my 2010 VE SV6 series 1 sedan, 6 spd manual, for the simple fact that you can adjust it. Would it pass a sound test due to these "adjustable features"? And if anyone has one can they tell me what the in car sound is like...
  15. elldeepe

    First Car - VT Executive

    Hey guys just recently bought my first car and am currently working on making it a nice tidy daily driver. Model: 1998 Vt Executive Colour: White Bodykit: Wing fitted, Bodykit Stock Engine: 3.8L Ecotec V6 Engine Mods: Swaybar Exhaust: Twin 2.5" XFORCE Exhaust Gearbox: Auto Brakes: Standard...
  16. Owned

    Alloytec Owners: Who has the best sounding alloytec?

    I thought I might create this thread because I for one know how hard it is to get the Alloytec sounding good whilst making modifications to the exhaust. This is where us Alloytec owners can gather together and post up a clip of our Alloytec's exhaust and a short brief engine modification list...
  17. P

    The OFFICIAL VE ALLOYTEC V6 SUPER MASSIVE FUN HAPPY TIME exhaust thread!!!!!!!11!!!!

    I went to my local exhaust shop today and the guy told me tht i would get a nice deep rumble sound on my ve ute sv6 if i just put mufflers in with ss tips. Any comments on what this wud sound like pls let me know.