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z series

  1. B

    Svs Not oil pressure sensor

    Hey all im a newbie here, I’ve got the service vehicle soon message come up on my 2012 ve sv6 z series. I’ve taken it to the mechanic and he had a scan & look over & the oil pressure sensor fault came up, so he has replaced it to a new one(good brand one he’s used multiple times) but I am still...
  2. B

    2012 sv6 Z series

    Hey all holdy lovers, first time post here. I am looking at buying a 2012 (my12.5) sv6 z series with 106xxx. Is there any main things I need to look out for with these models? I’ve had the vx & vz, but now upgrading to a newer model for a daily & these engines seem to have a bit more then...
  3. C

    Timing cover oil leak

    Hi all I am looking at how much I should expect to pay to fix my timing cover oil leak and swollen coolant pipe my car is a 2012 holden commodore sv6 z series manual has about 50xxx kms on the engine
  4. sIIVY_tommy

    My Red Hot SV6 Z Series

    Name: Tommy Model: SV6 Type: Ute Year: 2013 MY13 Colour: Red Hot Bodykit: Standard SV6 Engine Type: LFX 3.6 L SIDI V6 Engine Mods: Stock Power: 210 KW Exhaust: Stock (ATM!) Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual Brakes: Standard Suspension: FE2 Factory...
  5. amos_executive

    HSV Z Series Clubsport R8

    Looking at trading my 2005 VZ Commodore Executive for a 2006 Z series Clubby R8. The cars going for $33,000 comes with OTR cold air intake, full di filippo stainless exhaust system, custom mafless tune, sunroof and roof mounted dvd for the rear passengers and the car has 80,000 kms on the taco...