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[QLD] 1985 VK Commodore Sedan.


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Jul 25, 2010
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
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Item Summary: 1985 HOLDEN COMMODORE VK, Well worth the look.

Location: QLD: Sunshine Coast

Postcode: 4551

Odometre: 224,000 kilometres

Asking Price: $3,000 OBO. Will take less if i keep the new 202 parts.

Condition: Used

Reason for Selling: No longer want it.

Delivery Methods: PickUp

Contact Info: PM, post, [email protected]

Extra Information:

Im wanting to sell my VK commodore. The reason was i had someone reverse into me and im just over it now.
Repairs have been made to the car from the accident.

The car has done 220k km i think. Its a 202 carby auto. It hasnt got the original engine in it. The engine in it had a bottom end rebuild on the 13th of febuary this year. The head has a bad valve. Dont let this put you off. Continue reading.

I bought the car in november last year. Since then alot of work has been done to it.
Lower on SL in febuary, new ball joints, second hand springs, shocks, struts and pan hard rod.
New engine and recoed transmission. (kick down solinoid is not hooke dup so itll flare untill its plugged in).
Serviced once amoth.
Has a sun roof that doesnt leak.
Custom made one piece smoothed rear bar (matched the front before the accident)
New fuel pump ($80), kitted carby, new heater hoses ($20), EFI extractors ($50), few month old headlights and indicators ($90), few month old control arms and trailing arm bushes ($120), 7 bladed fan ($118), new radiator ($300), VS berlina front seats installed, (rear seats come with the car) headlight clips ($15), starter motor ($240) and apron ($200) are already installed, think there is more aftermarket stuff in there, just cant think of the extras right now.
Please note, it does not come with the sound system, CB or antenna or the rims.

New items not installed on the car:
Roller rockers $375
Hardened push rods $80
Lifters $52
Bigger chrome rocker cover $100
Front bar $100
Group A grille $135
Spare brand new apron $200

Thats more then a grand worth of new stuff.

Also comes with spare:
Head, minus rockers (suitible for a rebuild or work for the roller rockers)
Radiator shroud
Front struts with lowered springs
Stock front seats
And i think i have a couple of other things.
It pass a roady worthy a few months back, i dont see why it wouldnt pass again. Its sold AS IS or for a few extra $$$ i can leave the rego on it.

I know theres heaps of stuff im forgetting, any questions ask. Im open to reasonable offers, but im not going to let this car go for nothing. The new parts alone are worth more then a grand.

Will swap for:
Dirt bike (with or without cash)
Big screen TV (with cash)
Ecotec go fast bits (Depending what it is, with cash)
Dirt bike trailer with a dirt bike.