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1997 Holden Commodore


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Jul 12, 2013
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1996 3.8L Ecotec VS Commodore S
Eggy995 submitted a new Showcase Item:

1997 Holden Commodore

My first car, had it though for 8 yrs now, mum gave it to me and shes getting an exec from my uncle. Shes got about 220000kms clocked up. As you can see shes in need of a new paint job on the front bar and bonnet. I also have to change drivers side windows since the regulator in it **** itself. I plan on doing some of the mods suggested here ( Buick and Ecotec V6 Performance Upgrades ) I dont no what wheels to get just yet but im looking at a 5 spoke 18-19 inch set. I have amp and Sub ready to go in aswell. Hopefully goes hard when im done with it all. I will eventually put a manual transmission in it aswell simply whats the point of having a manual license on your Ps if ur not gonna drive a manual hahaha.

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