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2 hole mod VS


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Apr 19, 2009
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VS II ute
Dunno how many people will be interested in this but i was shopping around for growler air intakes and stuff like that and when i discovered that they cost in excess of 500 dollars i decided to just mod my own intake. i'm also unsure of how this will go with other models but i did this to a VS II ute. This entire mod took me about 30 mins

Firstly i cut a hole in the bottom, front, as far to the right side as possible of the box, with a 2 1/2" hole saw and filed back the edges to give it a good finish. (you can see where in the photo's below)

I then got a piece of piping joiner, 65mm x 43 degrees. this needed a little more filing to get it to fit in but once it's in it fits like a dream(make sure it's a tight fit therefore you don't have to glue it). i used enamel paint to paint it black so it would match the box.

seeing as this joiner has a male and female end i stuck it into the box with the male, leaving the female poking up and outwards. direct this opening slightly to the right to make it easier to get around the wiper bottle and suck in air coming over the top of the indicator. adjust the pipe to make sure it fits in with minimal resistance but still able to take in air from just ontop of the indicator. put it all back together and you'll increase airflow into the intake and get fresher air out of it.

I've already noticed increases in torque and a little more power out of it. i highly recommend this as it's easy, cheap and makes the car sound a little more beasty.