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2000 VT 157xxx kms knocking coming from rear

Tim Smtih

Sexy Man
Sep 24, 2009
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just buy a v8 lol
camber is the problem

i think as the tyre wears and because of the neg camber you get these little slips from the tyres causing a side to side vibration that eventually stops

i guess the solution is fitting toe adjusters or a rear cradle from a series 2, pulling the toe in causes the camber to become positive giving greater tyre contact

you won't get longer tyre life, the tyre just wears more evenly

I've got a series one VX, so it had the camber issue when i bought it. Not a peep from the rear end at all, but i did chew through tyres. I got a two point camber kit installed and the tyres were fine from then on, and still no sound at all. The only time i noticed something quite similar to what the OP is describing is when i had a superlow kit fitted and the suspension "professionals" dropped the springs out of the rear and in doing so pulled the CV shaft away from the diff housing and failed to put it back in place. I drove around like this for a day or two before the noise appeared. I went to another mechanic i trust and all up it cost me over a grand to replace the CV joint and rebuild the diff.