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2000 VT Commodore - Air Conditioning Problem (Video of the problem in thread)


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Mar 4, 2010
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2000 VT
Hey, i have an air conditioning problem.. I bought this car with this problem already existing and the previous owners said they took it to be fixed twice. First time they supposedly fixed it, but it never worked, so they took it to another place and they also supposedly fixed it, by re-gassing it... And it still doesn't work.. Now i have it.

A person i spoke to had a look and asked me to press my a/c button on so he could see what was or wasn't working. He said he is positive that one of the discs are meant to suction on and start spinning when i press the button.

So here is the video link of what i am talking about:
[YOUTUBE]air con - bottom right disc wont spin when a/c button is on.. - YouTube[/YOUTUBE]

If anyone knows how to fix this, or if it is the problem, any help would be much appreciated.
Excuse the poor terminology and tough explanation of the problem, i am hopeless in knowing anything to do with the A/C and in the video i called the bonet, the boot... haha



Apr 27, 2012
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Cessnock Australia
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VS Commodore V6 EcoTech Custom Ported by me
If your A/Con gas pressure is too low the pressure sender switch will cut the circuit to save the pump from disintigrating internally due to no lubrication.
If it is regassed and ther is pressure still then that switch is shot.
The switch should be up near the firewall and where the lume goes through.
You cand test if the "disc" as you call it is stil working and even listen out for the condition of the pump by bridging the two wires together at that switch.
I wouldn't bridge it and leave it bridged though incase it is low on gas due to leak.
Really how well did you know the previous owners?
Did they have a reciept to show their claim of having it fixed.
Common place for leak that doesn't get looked at is the o ring seal under the cow panel.(under where the wiper are bolted on) ist a cheap seal from a car shop that stocks single seals for retail.
But the pump itself could be shot or a hole in the reciever dryer. (radiator thingy at the front in front of the coolant radiator.)