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2004 VZ

Aug 30, 2014
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VZ sv6
Holden On For Dear Life submitted a new Showcase Item:

2004 VZ

Well here I am again with my holden VZ not starting at all now. I originally had an oil issue with it due to sludge when purchased in 2014. Not long after the mechanics worked to solve that issue the 'check powertrain' message appeared. It went back to the garage but the issue never got solved. I got tired of paying money for them to make guesses. 5 months ago it decided to stop and wouldn't restart, motor not turning over. All electrics still on but it just clicks when you turn the ignition. My father attempted to turn the crank shaft with no luck, it didn't budge. Oil is clear, no metal particles showing with dipstick reading. Probably a guessing game unless someone opens her up?
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