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[QLD] 2005 VZ Commodore Wagon for sale - SOLD

Discussion in 'Vehicles For Sale' started by Silverbird, Jan 6, 2019.

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  1. Silverbird

    Silverbird (Blake)

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    Oct 4, 2013
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    VZ Executive Station Wagon

    Offering our 2005 VZ Executive Station Wagon for sale. It's a stock standard executive with absolutely no modifications whatsoever. No 'Powertrain' errors or anything like that. Runs smooth and everything works as it should. You will want to do the head lining at some stage in the future as it is just starting to come away above the driver. The usual stretching of the cloth trim on the seats but it's pretty good overall with no holes or tears.

    Accident history - two minor accidents, repairs were done successfully and to standard. Happy to discuss these in detail.

    Has been garaged for the 5 years that we have owned it. Has genuine towbar and lighting harness included with the car. Roof racks with original lock key included. Standard Blaupunkt Radio / CD player in working order. Steering wheel radio buttons working and not loose (I repaired this myself).

    Six new Bosch coils last year, also full throttle body clean. Last 5 oil changes using quality synthetic oil. I usually let it go max 10000km between changes. Usually driven on 98 Octane fuel (depending on cost). Nolothane front bushes all done 5 years ago. New Radiator last year, also o-ring on cooler lines replaced to address slight coolant leak. No overheating (regular driving up mountain to Montville). New Repco starter motor and Century battery last year.

    How to buy:

    Contact me via PM to arrange an inspection and test drive. I will be with you during the test drive and you MUST have your current and valid driver licence with you. Learners permit will not be sufficient for you to test drive the vehicle (although you may still purchase it).

    You should arrange an independent mechanical inspection to satisfy yourself that the vehicle is mechanically sound. I will do whatever I can within reason to facilitate this. You should also perform a title check as you would with any used car. We have no money owing on it.

    For the transaction itself - I will only accept a bank cheque. I'll be happy to drive you to your bank and will hand over the keys and documentation for it in exchange for the cheque. I will not accept any kind of EFT or PayPal transfer for security purposes.

    I will take a deposit and hold the car long enough for you to complete your mechanical / incumbency check. If the mechanical check doesn't work out, I'll refund your deposit.

    Upon taking possession you should ring your insurance company and arrange cover before driving away. My comprehensive insurance ceases on handover.

    ITEM: VZ Commodore Executive Station Wagon

    LOCATION: QLD Brisbane

    YEAR:2005 (SEP)


    BADGE: Executive

    ENGINE: 3.6L V6 (LE0)


    COLOUR: Metallic Silver

    EXTERIOR CONDITION: General condition is good consistent with vehicle age. A minor dent above wheel arch on driver side rear. Has been there since I owned it. Minor crease on rear bumper, again been there since I have owned it. Externally is very presentable with no paint delamination. Roof racks have peeled a little, but could easily be resprayed.

    INTERIOR CONDITION: General condition of interior is fair consistent with age of car. Cloth trim has some of the usual stretching (back seats) and I expect roof lining would need doing in the near future. It is just slightly coming away over the driver's side. Some scuffs in the cargo area. Some scratches on the window tint - back window and side window.

    TYRE CONDITION: 50% front and rear. By this I mean that the tyres have done around 50% of their rated life, have plenty of tread and are safe.

    TYRE SIZE INCLUDING LOAD RATING: P215/65 (Tyre load ratings explained here.)

    ODOMETER: 147,157 kM at posting.

    SERVICE HISTORY: Yes full service history.

    REGO OF CAR: 845JHO Queensland

    REGO TILL: 2/2019

    PLATES INCLUDED: 845JHO original plates from new (standard issue)

    RWC: Will be provided on deposit.

    PRICE: Firm or Negotiable or Make an offer


    PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other

    CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone or Other

    OTHER INFO: Please list as many details as possible


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