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2006 berlina start problems


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Dec 14, 2018
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mount gambier
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ve commodore
hey every 1

I've got a bit of a starting problem with my 06 berlina 6cyl and just wondering if any 1 else had the same problem or can offer some form of a solution.

my car recently started having starting problems, I can start the car perfectly fine and within a few minutes of driving it around and turning it off it wont start at all I don't get no click click click noise from the starter it just shuts down all lights in the car (radio, dash and headlights) I then leave the car to sit for sometimes 5mins and it will start perfectly fine sometimes it might take an hr of sitting before it will fire up fine. Tonight it has done the same thing but when starting the car I heard a metal on metal grind from below the car but it drove and ran fine before turning it off and wont start again.

it also sometimes has the check engine message and check abs message flash on the digital screen 2-3 times when turning it over and then disappears (check engine light or message doesn't stay on screen or dash) but it doesn't log any codes when checking with the scanner. Also when the mechanic hooked the scan tool up he said the part where you plug the scanner into wasn't receiving any power and he had to get power for it from the cigarette lighter port?

I've replaced the starter motor prob 30-40000 kms ago with a brand new one from a holden dealer and the battery is maybe 1.5 -2yrs old.

any one have any ideas as to what my problem could be?

cheers guys :)