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2008 Holden 60th anniversary omega


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Nov 19, 2023
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VE Calais V
My 09 Calais has been great up until 3 weeks ago after I could smell what I thought was coolant or a fluid however I have zero leaks.
my Anniversary Calais was from a Holden Dealer secondhand with 5 years Dealer Warranty with Reliance they also gave me 12 months roadside assist I am new here and my reply so sorry I'm not familiar with this forum but it's going to have all history diagnostics done on Tuesday which will tell us more info as soon as I drive car and turn it off it won't start "X CONTACT DEALER"
if I take it out of park and back into park turn key on three or four times cars starts and it does same thing eachtime.
Could be inhibitor switch or ECU ???? I'm trying to save my car from serious issues so I am looking for some good advice of similar problems
I found my radiator cap totally fell apart and insides was sitting there so I was at holden and bought one with new bottle coolant to my surprise the insides of radiator cap spring washer etc were sitting inside and cap top just come off what's happened is I flushed engine add coolant in coolant bottle then topped water up.

Drove it for next two weeks all good then orange engine light and Check engine ⚠️ warning come on again I stopped checked oil water coolant all good temperature was only 40-50 then after key and trip button car wouldn't start and X CONTACT DEALER WAS THERE SO I called holden they asked me to put vehicle in nutral then park and it started I drove home booked it in for service diagnostics and to find the faults asap.
Any help would be a huge relief as I have read so much about transmissions,sensors,MORE AND MORE Problems seem to haunt all VE Calais especially with 5 speed triptronic autos.

So many CERTAIN SENSOR ISSUES I AM THINKING OF GETTING RID OF THIS SHOWCASE VEHICLE OWNED BY A HOLDEN Rep since 2009-2020 serviced every time required,New timing belts at 150,000,new breaks routers,it's been very well looked after and it's insured for $10,500 as it's still like a new car as well it's got another 2.5 years of dealers warranty from RELIANCE WARRANTY it's worth $1,000 on each repair which this will be the first time for me however all the stories I have read seem such similar problems that keep returning sounds a way to make more $$$$ for Holden all I want is another purfect RELIABLE ANNIVERSARY CALAIS V6 OR G8 Pontiac with LS3 but first this matter of sensor and warning ⚠️ check engine stuff seems like the beginning of a NIGHTMARE