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2011 Holden SSV Auto Sedan Review

Discussion in 'AF Racing' started by JQ417, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. JQ417

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    Jul 8, 2018
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    2012 VE2 Commodore SSV Z series
    Hi everyone! Just a few weeks ago I did post a thread about ‘2012 Holden SSV Z Series common problems’, and now I would like you guys give me some advices/comments on 2011 Holden Commodore SSV 6Sp Auto Sedan with AFM system because I will come for a test drive next week and potentially go a head to purchase it. So this time is 2011 SSV. The car is currently at a reputable car dealer, with 58000 kms, had been owned by an elderly man since new. Full service history, a lot of options but there is no sunroof. No aftermarket modifications, it looks still very new and fresh from the photos. Price tag is $20k plus What do you reckon guys? Cheers.

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