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304 injected into vc

Juminp Jimmy

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Jun 5, 2017
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Vn executive wagon
Hi all, a few years ago I put in a vn 304 and injection into a vc sl/e myself in place of the the stock 253 (which I still have) and made it all fit myself with the intention of making it all look factory with no messy aftermarket looking loom etc but had to use vn accessories to suit the banana manifold. All been well with no issues but now I have noticed a coolant leak between head and manifold after I just replaced the heater hoses (which was a bit of a s#$t fight to fit with the banana manifold and a vl exhaust heat shield I've fitted to help keep heat off of interior fan motor in the way). Now I'm thinking of going a dual plane low rise torque power manifold on it to get that more suitable look for era while stiil using efi, which will give me more room to play with at the rear of engine. Now with the thought of the banana gone I want to fit up the a/c that I've been putting off because of lack of room and position of vn compressor not same as vc. Now with the question I'm getting at is will the stock vc accessories bolt up to vn block and heads? Cheers.