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308 wont start


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Aug 2, 2015
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Vz ss ute VC 308
Hey everyone up until now this forum has had every answer I've needed but I've finally hit a wall.
Bit of background on everything to do with my problematic motor
So I bought a worked 308 off a mate 4 years ago its sat until 3 months ago I got it in a car wired it up bought fuel systems brake upgraded exhaust etc etc everything make it go is new it's in my vc commodore came out of a hq one tonna.
Got it in got it running driving and lighting up tyres like all hell.then I blew the head gaskets I guess due to sitting for so long.
When my mate had it it was as reliable as a new car.
Everything has been done to this motor on its absolute limit runs ridiculous compression and gets good power out of the standard stroke.
I've replaced the head gaskets with copper ones the motor has its compression back but it's refusing to start.
It has fuel ,spark, compression no lacking in cranking I even tried resetting the timing I've replaced the dizzi cap rotor button replaced the module in the dizzi timing with a light is spot on
Done the rocker lash but still to no avail will the bloody thing start any ideas