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5L v8 rough acceleration fix

GTP 85

291 hp @ the wheels
Aug 23, 2006
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Murray Bridge S.A
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MY04 WRX, VS SSenator & VS V6 track weapon
Thought i'd share some of my findings, i know this may have been covered before... but anyway!

My vn v8... basic mods.. extractors, twin 2.5 pipes, 5 speed, and full tune

noticed that even after careful dyno tuning the acceleration between 1500- 3000 rpm was ever so slightly jerky (not totally smooth). changed all ignition parts, still no bingo.

Over a couple of lazy scotches as i was chatting to my mate, i decided to pull the TB out pull it apart and clean it up with degreaser. it was pretty clean anyway but i still did it. dismantled it all and scraped off every little trace of carbon on the IAC and inside the TB.

The change was like day & night. smoother throttle response and no more jerky-ness!!!

Score! easy fix. So there you go, a stupid simple job fixed a problem that has bugged me for months!