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May 13, 2006
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Langwarrin Victoria
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VXii Executive V6 , VYii Adventra LS1
i like how he says "easily"
just add ve software to a vz ecu

Fu Manchu

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Mar 18, 2006
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VZ Crewman, Cross 8 VZ, & ya mum.
He is doing some cool stuff.
He already has a video on how to convert to the 06/07 E38 ECU on older LS1’s.


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Dec 5, 2019
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vz one tonner
No worries. I watched some of the videos in you're link. That's interesting to watch someone pulling the parts apart and fiddling as I have, however from what I can tell, he is running the VZ OS, VZ OS doesn't allow for comms to the 6L80 as far as I can tell. I am running the VF OS in my E38 hence why the 6L80 works as per factory VF and why I had canbus issues to the car as there is something different about the data on the GMLAN between VZ and VF models.
Also, running the VF OS keeps the DoD working and I have the FPCM fitted (which I don't know if this would work with VZ OS) as well and changed the fuel pump to the donor that came from the same VF the motor came from, so the composition sensor is also connected which allows for E85 if desired and the pressure sensor is fitted so the module varies pump speed based on demand. The VZ OS 'guesses' the fuel pressure as the bypass is in the pump assembly and the ECU 'assumes' around 60 psi (this may be wrong, but just what I have observed between my factory VZ L98 E38 and the VF).
I've attached the spreadsheet I worked with, (which needs a few tweaks still but it's close) there is a few left over wires from the E55 plug as oxy sensors and some other things are not part of the engine loom for some reason on VZ and go back through other looms, where as on the VF loom virtually everything to do with the engine and auto is all in the one loom so there's a few redundant wires.
If using this chart, the other thing to note is I made up a little 'patch loom' which plugged into the plug under the dash for the VZ style accelerator pedal and converted to the VF style pedal plug, and I had to join the can wires in the X203 plug which had the old 4l60 loom connected to it so that with the VZ TCM missing the can bus chain link was continued.
I still need to manipulate the wiring for the starter relay as the VZ that comes factory with the E38 has the start feed from the ignition switch going to the PIM and which then sends crank request via CAN to the ECU, the ECU then directly controls the starter motor relay. The V6 however sends power to a relay in the engine bay directly. So I currently have the starter checks patch applied in HP tuners to clear the faults that come up with the ECU not being in control of the starting circuit, but once the ECU sees RPM it will start up and run anyways. I am not sure if this will work yet as I doubt that I will be able to link the PIM and ECU being totally different operating systems, but will find out soon.
I've also attached the wiring diagrams for the engine and the pinouts for various plugs that I used.
I'm hoping to spend a little bit of time on it later this week to clean up loose ends and most importantly given the change in weather, make sure the A/C works properly!


Note: I couldn't upload excel files, so I've changed the extension to .pdf but the file says change extension in the na
Just thought I’d add if anyone’s interested as I see this come up a bit about the 6L 80 into VZ.
I put an L77 /6l80e into my Vz cross 6 1 tonner and didn’t want to go down the path of external gearbox controller and much preferred to use the stock Holden VF tune and given the TCM is built into the gearbox and is ready to go with the ECU it made more sense to me to retain it. Currently it’s only running RWD but once I get the bits together I’ll change the sump and put the original K frame and FWD gear back in. So I got it all running, it runs and drives great, especially compared to how it did before with the LEO and also very noticeable difference to my L98 VZ SS crewman which has the ol’ 4 speed auto. Once I got it all running, I had some issues such as
-Dash engine oil alert
-Dash fuel gauge not working
-Dash temp gauge not working
-Dash alternator fault
-CAN Bus A/C command
-Service Vehicle Soon alert
-CAN Bus reverse lights driven from the PIM
-CAN Bus signal for the gear position to display on the dash cluster
-VF A/C compressor is variable, VZ is not, so needed additional signal for this.
-Cruise control is all CAN Bus through the PIM.
-VF uses serial data for Tacho and Speed to cluster, just had to add some wires to the ECU to the plug.
-VF uses serial radiator cooling fan control, just needed to add an extra wire to the ECU and change some settings using HP tuners to setup low & high fans.

The big ticket item here is majority of these issues have been corrected with a CAN Bus translator that was built for converting the newer GMLAN to the older GMLAN that the factory VZ PIM understands in order to translate to the old ALDL dash and BCM to work as normal.
There is a couple of minor things left on the list above which are currently being worked out. Currently when I connect Tech II none of the modules have any errors logged, however I still get an SVS on the dash (which as above is currently being looked at) I’ve got an excel sheet for the wiring modification I can upload if anyone wants it.

So basically I used the engine/TCM loom that came out of the VF, it has two plugs that connect the whole engine loom to the car, I made some minor wiring adjustments to the loom and added a few extra wires and got a VF chassis side plug, cut off the E55 plug on the Vz and put the wires needed in to the VF plug so now it’s the same as VF, unplug two plugs and I can drop the whole engine/trans electrically. The high speed GMLAN is now running between the E38, ABS, TCM (6L80e TCM not the VZ one that was in the passenger kick panel), PIM and FPCM, then the PIM translates the data it is picking up from the add in module (which is very small and only has 5 wires connected currently (+, -, CAN_lo, CAN_high, PWM for A/C variable control) there is an extra connection for the tap shift however I haven’t tried this yet as I don’t have the paddles on the steering wheel. Once the last couple of things are tidied up, I can clean up the wiring and take some photos.

I was told the ABS wouldn’t work, it seems to be ok at the moment, I didn’t expect it to work since the cross track front wheel hubs are different to the sealed units I have fitted temporarily and suspected they would have different pulses, I have tried hitting the pedal pretty hard and it doesn’t lock up but I don’t think the ABS tried either as I would expect to feel the pedal pulsing. One thing I have noticed though is up on stands as the cross tracks diffs are single spinner, if I give it a little rev the dash shows low traction and it brakes the wheel that was spinning and forces the other one to turn, so seems like it should work.

Once this is all working, my next mission is to swap the 4l out of the L98 crewman and put in the 6L80 and I’m hoping this one is more so just ‘repinning’ with existing E38, loading in the VF tune with SPS, add in the CAN bus translator and fingers crossed!

Hi Ben great information , currently in the early stages of L77 6l80e into VZ One Tonner interested in the process . I have a VF as a donor car . The diagrams will be a great help but i could not open the wiring conversion , any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Ian