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[VIC] 96 mazda 121 bubble rwc tyres $300


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Feb 24, 2013
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Vs 96
Item: 96 mazda 121 bubble
price: $450
location: Sushine, melbourne

year: 96


badge: Mazda

engine: 6 cylinder

transmission: Manual

colour: Blue

exterior condition: Good

interior condition: Very goood


condition: 100%

odometer: 225,00

service history:average
rego of car:no
plates included: No

rwc: Car wouldnt cost much for rwc, items that need replace that i know of is sunvisor, right hand rear tail light crack, other then that cant think of anything else

delivery/pick up information: Prefer pick up

payment options: Cash
contact details: 0421487730
other info:
When i 1st bought it the car was running fine but didnt know it had an after market imobilizor, so i didnt know i had to hold the keyless remote and then start, it didnt start on me so got fustrated anf noticed a relay under the steering column, which looked like it had to do with the imobilzor.

So i removed it hoping it will turn off the imobilizor so it would startbut it didnt, without remembering which wire went to where before removing its now a puzzle.

So thats about it for it not starting, once getting the imobilizor solved which if your good with cars can be done on the spot, the car drives and takes off mad.

Car is real easy to get to rwc conditoin id keep it myself but need the money, or you can make your money on parts