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A Class Metal Finishers

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Oct 20, 2011
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Sydney, Australia
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VY SS Commodore

Forum Special Offer

For all of this month mention that you found us on the forum and we’ll give you a 10% discount on all your work from A Class to all new customers.

About Us

Of course we always strive to live up to our name!

We specialise in everything to do with metal finishing, be it restoration of car chrome, high volume polishing or decorative
plating. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and have now become a leading supplier when it comes to identifying solutions to the diverse range of electroplating, metal polishing and other surface finishing challenges

We’re Australia’s one stop shop!​

Our Services

  • Stripping of old plating, paint or rust
  • Painting and Lacquering
  • Polishing or re-polishing of surfaces
  • Dent removal (in conjunction with surface restoration)
  • Surface repairs and re-building
  • Chromium alternatives - e.g. colour chrome, metallic spray finishing or painting
  • Chrome plating (chroming) of plastic parts
  • Electroplating in finishes including Chrome; Nickel; Copper; Gold; other (on all metal and plastic substrates)
  • Treatments for successfully plating DIE-CAST
  • Grinding, bead blasting, cleaning and other surface treatments
  • Repair and polishing of stainless steel trim

Contact Us

A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd.

6 Waddikee Rd, Lonsdale,

South Australia, 5160

Tel: 08 8384 4331

To Email Us Click Here

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