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A pinging Supercharged V6


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Aug 10, 2012
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VU Ute
Hi all. Thought I would post what we found regards a pinging supercharged V6 in the hope that it may help others with similar issues. My brother has a nice VX supercharged sedan that has been having pinging and rough idling issues for a long time now. Sometimes it would run ok but mostly would idle rough and ping under light and moderate acceleration. The VX has always been well looked after, filled with 98 and serviced regularly. Had checked for fault codes in the past without anything showing but recently checked again to find code 47 so, as we had a spare DFI module and coils out of a NA V6 we decided to connected up and see what happens. Seemed to idle nice so ended up swapping out the module to the supercharger coil bracket ( reused the original coils) but then found the engine would not start. We eventually worked out it was an earthing issue so gave the module and mount surfaces a good wire brush. The engine fired up and now runs without any problems. Thing is, with the bad DFI module the VX still drove ok, didn’t miss or run rough other than the idle. It just pinged on acceleration, so if you are having similar issues and have checked all the basics, maybe try another DFI module. (And clean the mounting bracket before you do) Cheers
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