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Aldi spray lubes

vc commodore

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Jun 18, 2014
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@vc commodore
How it all came about,
The Drivers Door Lock on the Adventra was getting a bit stiff or something,
and the external handle didn't seem to be opening the door correctly,
It sort of felt like it was Half Unlocking the Door when I press the unlock on the Key Head,
and being I didn't want to force it as I would possibly break the colour coded handle, then need to replace & paint it,
So I went to Supercheap to get some Lithium spray, as I read its the best for door locks,
I purchased the Supercheap brand, as it was on special,
Headed home and pulled the door down,
removed the lock mechanism,
Cleaned it up with degreaser, wash it down with water,
Dried it off with compressed air,
then gave the moving parts a spray, but it went everywhere,
So I figured, WD40 has a good spray straw, and I had an empty can that I was going to be thrown out,
I then checked to see if it would fit,
Nope, no go,

The outlet on the Lithium spray can is a little bigger,
so I hand reamed the underside of the spray head out with a drill bit, a little bit at a time,
and finally, it fitted,
the rest is history ;)

Honestly mate, I can see how brilliant your idea was....The effort you went to to make sure it went exactly where you wanted is a stroke of brilliance and this write up will be extremely useful for others....

So thank you for the write up....