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Android Auto/Apple Car Play dongle from Ebay.

Discussion in 'Car Audio' started by Stroppy, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Nov 26, 2016
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    VF Evoke Sportwagon
    Hi there all. I own a '14 Evoke wagon which has the standard series 1 MyLink headunit (CD slot). I can't afford a grand or more to upgrade the head unit to have navigation and every time I stick the blasted phone into a suction cap cradle the thing will fall off half way through a trip (and I've tried a few cradles, mind you).
    Browsing on Ebay (as you do) I came across an ad for this USB dongle thing that purportedly allows your phone to access the headunit so you can mirror the phone on the headunit screen. I hunted around a bit and found an ad that says the dongle thing will work on a VF but I am a bit suspicious because it talks about adding a free ap to make it work. It's not clear if the ap goes on the phone or into the headunit. So my question is...has anyone tried one of these things and do they work? Picture follows:

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