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annoying noises


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Mar 16, 2006
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Holden Commodore VS Berlina
I've got a vs berlina v6.The passenger door has a clicking noise in the door under the mirror some where.It happens when going over slight bumps but not from loud music.It just clicks once for each slight bump.The door thim is off, i cant work out what it is?

The drivers door has a deep click (clonk) from the latch end of door.It happens when i take off quick.It just (clonks) once.It dosnt happen from music.The door trim is off, i cant work out what it is?

I've got pacemaker extractors and on the passenger side the primary pipes just touch each other but there not tight against each other,which causes them to rattle on each other.I've tried to spread them apart but cant.I was told if i weld them together the pipes will crack because they cant move or expand.Any ideas how i could fix this?
would high temp silicone in between them work,how hot do they get?