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are these signs of a fault in my bcm ?


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Oct 12, 2006
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hey ev1
i bought a power window kit for my vt got it all hooked up, i bought a bcm off ebay to control the drivers window i removed my bcm hooked the second hand one up

the drivers windows goes down but not up ?
i thort it might be the consol switch so i hard wired the center console plug same thing drivers window goes down not up it dose the auto down thing were you hold button for 1.5 sec and it fully goes down but window wont go up ( window goes up when i hook it up to a battery )

could this be the bcm ?

is the power window relay different to the other relays in the fuse box under the steering wheel? i just took the one of the blower and tryed the windows with that could this be the issue or is it more likely to be the bcm ?

any help would be apreicated please if its the bcm i have to try to get my money back off ebay gees that should be fun