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Audio Upgrade VE S2 Wagon

Discussion in 'Car Audio' started by MrBungle, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. MrBungle

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    Oct 24, 2016
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    VE SSV S2 Wagon
    What can I say, it was fun and it wasnt. It took a long time and money, but I got the job done and I am really happy with how it turned out.

    Deck: Original IQ system
    Front Speakers: Alpine Type-R SPR-60C
    Rear Speakers: Alpine Type-R SPR-60
    Sub: Alpine Type-R SWR-12D4
    Sub box: 12" fibreglass sub box made for VE Wagon
    Amp: Alpine PDX Audiophile PDX-V9 4 Channel+Mono
    Line Out Convertor: Audiocontrol LC7i
    Cables: 4G Power Cable, 14G Speaker Cable
    Other: Power Distribution Block, 60A inline fuse, Dynamat Xtreme.

    1. Removed all original speakers, and ran new speaker wire to doors. Installed dynamat on all 4 doors. It was a nightmare running thick speaker cable in those door grommets, but I got it done.

    2. Mounted tweeters in dash. Made it look neat, like its supposed to be there


    3. Removed front passenger seat as that is where I installed the amp and LOC.
    (I am looking at a custom made box, so I can mount the Amp in rear left side of the boot.)


    4. I ran all the power required under the seat with a 60A inline fuse .


    5. Grabbed both rear and front speakers from the back of the IQ unit, cut them and ran new wire to the LOC. As the LOC auto powers on when it senses a noise signal I didnt need a remote cable. Only a remote from LOC to amp.


    So thats basically it, it took me a few weeks to sort as I didnt have the right tools or terminals etc. I live in the Pilbara WA and no one in town had what I needed, so I had to wait for ebay orders.

    I just need shorter RCA cables for now as well.
    Also one thing I have coming is the sub control for the audiocontrol LOC as I need to adjust it for some songs.
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