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Automatic Probs


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Nov 2, 2005
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Lilydale, Melbourne
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VN Executive S2
Hey all
Just a prob wit my 1990 vn commo s2. Ive done full exhaust system - extractors and exhaust no resonator, new ignition leads 8.8mm, CAI, K&N panel filter and the car sounds sweet and everything.
Problem arised when i was draggin my mate, off the line start it in 1st, put it in 2nd, then in2 the next D, which is the white one. Then the car goes all the way til 120 and hits the rev limiter until i take my foot off. The only way to get it in2 third is by relxing off the pedal or completely removing my foot and waiting for it 2 shift in2 third. This prob is shi**ing my up the wall. Took my car 2 calder and it happned there aswell, i would b bout 250-300 metres up the track and the rest of the way i would b trying to get it 2 third which slowed my time down to 16.2 and thats the best i could do for the night. How do i fix this or get it fixed???? I Know manual would b a easy option but not at this point!