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BCM Filter and larger TB

vt s

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Mar 8, 2009
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vt s s1
Hey guys ive noticed many of you are using the k&n filters in your cars.

Anyway in needed to get one for myself i noticed on ebay the BCM brand filter.
They are claimed to be used to all top teams in v8 supercars and f1 and im just wonderin if anyone here has had any experience withthem?
They g on to mention how the k&n has a plastic weld in them which makes them prone to breakage and that theirs are one solid peice.

One other quetion is that my vt v6 currently has a stage 2 cam in it and full exhaust system and whether it would benefit puttin a larger TB in it.
Im aware that they dont increase power but just give a better response and what not but because it is cammed would it be better to have that over stock one?