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Big thanks fellas



Hi guys,

Its been a while since I have been on here and damn I'm glad to be back.
I sold my runaround vr 6yrs ago, bought a mazda b2600 ute that cost my business a packet to keep running and have come back to the wonderful world of holden commodore.

A month ago I purchased a VY wagon, 16500k on it and in fair condition. Following some google searching I have fixed a few things-radiator replaced, towbar and wiring fitted, front speaker upgrade, stereo upgrade-not too much more to be done as it is now looking, sounding and running great.

Big thanks for the threads on stereo removal, replacing front splits-my new tweeters are sitting in the factory spot and sound great, the new poineer AVH-X3500DAB is sitting pretty. Power antenna insert also replaced-the thread on this made the job quick and easy. The thread on installing and wiring VZ towbar made this a simple job.

Quick rundown of whats been done:
Major service-plugs, all fluids-oil, cooling, brake, diff, replaced all filters, radiator and hoses following cracked core.
Stereo upgrade: Pioneer AVH-X3500DAB installed-what a top quality unit-digital radio works flawlessly-be careful when installing antenna but its not that hard, Front Rogers 6.5in splits from my old commodore installed and sound great, rear speakers are 6" 2 ways-cheapies but they are filling the rear nicely, Soundstream sst6.9 tarantula series in the tailgate-nice sound with 10" clarion sub-both running off response 50w x 4 amp.
Antenna replaced.

To do: Pair of headrest monitors for the kids in the back, drop trans fluid and replace filter and fluid.

Cheers guys-this site has once again made repairs and modifications to my commodore very painless.