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Bilstein shock inserts (a quick how to)


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May 8, 2013
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G'day all, tried to find info on how to do this but couldn't come up with much so decided to post this for anyone considering the same. I have never attempted replacing suspension before therefore info will be lacking so feel free to add some tips/tricks of your own that would help others or ask a question and ill try to answer best I can. As the saying goes a pictures worth a thousand words so ill let them do most of the talking.

This is the insert. The collar just under the thread needs to be welded to the original strut body. The inside dimension of the collar is just larger than the outside dimension of the strut body.

I marked a white line to guide the cut. The position of the cut is not critical but needs to be where the strut starts to taper down. I used an angle grinder with a thin cutting wheel. Cut it standing up straight and no oil will spill out.

The inside comes straight out after the cut. Have a bucket handy and discard oil from inside strut body. Clean up cut and grind paint off in preparation for the weld. Clean out inside of strut body.

The important part is the position of the collar. With the shock inserted into the strut body make sure it is seated on the bottom of the body then position collar so as to have several threads left that you will use to tighten it up afterwards. Make sure you are confident it is right before any welding. Tack collar into place and then remove shock insert before welding collar on. After welding make sure there is no spatter stuck to the thread inside the collar. I stuffed a cotton rag soaked in water in there to prevent that.

This is how it looks when you're done. I painted the weld and collar to try and prevent it rusting.

I hope this comes in handy for anyone considering a DIY insert upgrade.

Also a big thank you to the guys at GSL Rallysport for supplying the gear and for the great customer service.