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Body & Wheel colour change request please


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Oct 6, 2008
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Auckland, NZ
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07 VE SV6
***pls disregard this as I have placed a new request in the correct thread**

Hi guys, can I ask a favour please... well, 2 actually lol

Would someone be kind enough to change the vehicle colour to silver and remove the orange strip.

And then a second image with the body left as silver, but the wheel colour also changed to gunmetal.

I have a silver VE SV6 and the opportunity to get a set of these exact wheels. I'm keen to see what the car would look like with the wheels fitted, but also to see what it might look like if I then got the wheels powdercoated in gunmetal.

Soon as I get myself a copy of photoshop I'll go hrough the tutorials so I can do this kinda thing myself, but in the meantime I'd really appreciate any assistance.

Thanks all.
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