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Boost Guage Install


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Jul 12, 2013
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Brisbane, QLD
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VTII - 'S Pack' - Manual
Hi Everyone,

In the next few weeks i will be Raptor Supercharging my VT V6 commodore. I have decided that I'm going to install a boost gauge (52mm Autometer).

I have a double DIN head unit so installing a 3 guage pod above or below the head unit is not possible. Looking on youtube i came across this video, Turbo Manual VT V6 commodore. - YouTube] - with the boost gauge installed in the dash. I went to the wreckers and got myself another dash/cluster fascia so i don't stuff up my good original when drilling with the hole saw.

Spent the evening today pulling apart the dash for some trial fitting, the space behind the blank spot on the dash, has less space than i first thought and expected. Has anyone had experience with this install, or able to provide some tips or pictures?

Cheers, Daniel.