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Broken Something????



Hey guys new user here. Got a problem with my VT and was just after some feedback before i get it towed to a mechanic. I got it lowered about a month ago and on thursday leaving work something broke. When it was originally lowered i was told it will need new shocks soon but i dont think this is my problem. I was in the carpark driving slowly over a speed hump. as the front left of my car came down i heard what sounded like something snapping or breaking off. I turned the corner and a rubbing/grinding noise was coming from the wheel arch. Now my stearing is fine, movement forward and reverse is fine. the cars ride hight is still the exact same on both sides. I have been told it may be the sway bar or something in that area that may have broken under the pressure of the lowered springs. If anyone has any input into this it would be a big help before i get it towed to a mechanic who will bleed me dry seeing as id have to get towed back if i didnt like his price. Again it sound like something is grinding/rubbing on the wheel or close to it when i drive forward. I have not moved it since i got it towed back to my place in fear that I would do damage to my rims.

Cheers guys.

p.s Any good mechanics in the Beecroft (nsw) area?

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Apr 26, 2006
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Have a look underneath, you may see the part that is broken.

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Mar 10, 2005
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Beecroft is crap dude..I am round the corner in cherryrbook...Just pop your head underneath and see if you can see anything that is broken..If it is, go to Repco up at Dural and they can get anything in for you...