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Calais Faults,need input


Apr 1, 2006
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Frankston district
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VN Calais v6
If'e go a few minor probs wiff my calais that im curious about. can anyone offer any fun/interesting susgestions alternatives? :bow:

1) Faulty instrument gauge needles
2) Trip compter doesnt work properly/faulty. led Displays leaking/distorted.
3) fuel light come on to soon (tank not really low)
4) headlights are leaking and beam is weak

1)I read the dry solder thred so i think i can fix the gauges myself ,but can i simpy just replace the instrument cluster? will later model calais cluster fit/work? ALso wat kind off paint do i need if im gonna spray the gauges a new colour...

2) Secondhand trip computer from wreckers... but will they have same problems/faults?? will later model replacement fit? is there any aftermarket products?

3) Maybe the fuel float is sticking ? or is it an electrical drama?

4) remove headlights and clean em up and install new seal's and globes? or will later model (better looking,stronger beam) fit in? if so wat model can i use? can u get fancy after market numbers???

thanks everyone your input is aprechiated.:bow:


The Grey Man
Jun 3, 2005
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Perth, WA
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VP V6 Exec
1. I would try cleaning the connections at the back of the dash and where it mates up with it connectors.
As for painting the guages, i would just buy the colour backings that are available on ebay or ask if they can do a certain colour for you.
If you get a later model dash, check to see that the connection printouts on the back of the dashes are the same or else they will need changing in the dash when the new dash goes in.
2. Most likely a clean on the contact points for the trip computer would do wonders too.
3. What does the dash say in regards to your tank size? I think from memory hold the "mode" button down for 3 seconds and then use the + and - buttons to adjust it. Might have to cycle through the three settings get the tank size. Ignition needs to be on for this.
4. Use a multimeter and see what current the headlights are getting.
Try stronger globes.
Are the headlights aligned properly?
Has your car been lowered as this will alter the alignment of the lights.
Don't pull apart your headlights because the as soon as you touch the backing with a cloth it will wipe off.
Only VN headlights will fit, VP are slightly different.

Must rest now, haven't typed this much in ages.